Friday, January 1, 2010

I wanted to shoot that duck

I think my husband turned Mr. Duckie alarm up a little louder this morning, just to make sure that this whole thing wasn’t just another one of my New Years "Tattoos" (see my first blog post). But I am almost positive this particular morning that darn duck was saying Fat, Fat, Fat instead of its usual quack, quack, quack. "What do I have here that could do some serious damage to that duck, 'TURN IT OFF' just isn’t working for me, let’s see I could hurl this Sudoku book at it, this pillow, I think my makeup bag is somewhere on the ground, or...maybe there is no way to get at the digital death-duck" So I get my big butt out of bed and put on my latest in the Fit Fashion line by Bina, the stained red pants of course, and a little heart and polka dot number that is supposed to be a night sleeper, but looks like a scary nurse scrub reject--which goes down to just above my knees, and then the crown jewel: my blue Cedar Point sweatshirt complete with pocket and hoodie. I actually ran for 35 minutes, but I didn’t leave happy; if that duck were a real duck it would be a pile of feathers and roasting in my oven right now for New Year’s dinner. Duck is a healthy option, right?


  1. I know that duck sound you are talking about - but it does not wake me up... it just quacks at me when Cathy calls. :)

    Great job on the running! Do you have an ipod? You need to make some good playlist - and mix up the music every once in a while (Who am I to talk - I think I've had the same songs on my shuffle for 2+ years)

  2. Great visual. You're starting off great! I never did go on my walk yesterday. :( I feel very sluggish. Maybe I'll go put on my nurse, reject-looking outfit too and get to work.
    Does doing laundry count as excersise???

  3. Good work Bina! I think my favorite exercise song is 'Dream' by Cranberries. :-)

  4. Bina - keep up the good work. I really liked getting a few new "work-out" outfits from target. 1) to help me stay warm -brrrr 2) one less excuse not to exercise. Nothing expensive - Target has some cheep options. not that I care what someone wears - I'm just thinkin of warmth