Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A friend like me

I am four pounds down now, YAY. I probably could be losing faster, but slow and steady wins the race according to a famous tortoise. I relate to his round figure much more than that snotty hare. The run was extra difficult this morning; I had to ignore squeaky knees, my lunar headache, and bloating. But I didn't feel as sorry for myself as I did the lady on a bike. She was stocky and had weird pants on with a gray sweatshirt hoodie choking her face; she looked like the flu-ridden Pedro from Napoleon Dynamite.  As I was running into the parking lot next to the gravel path, I gave her a how-do-you-do smile and she looked up and stuttered a response. For some reason her eyes stayed on mine, foreboding. Then she wobbled left, then right, lost her footing and tripped off the bike. She gave me a sheepish grin and shrugged. It wasn't really an accident as much as an embarrassing slip-up in slow motion. I hopped to her side and asked if she was ok. She quickly got back on her bike and responded "It's ok, I am learning the bike." She had a heartbreaking little voice with a cute accent. I gave her the best smile I could find and said, "Oh yeah, it's ok." She soared away like it never happened. Part of me wanted to stop her and say, "Hey, let's be friends, we are both awkward and out of place in this world of being fit, let's help each other out." But I didn't, I just thought it my head, "Hey I understand." and something in her face said that she understood me too. So they are not all bimbos and Barbies, some people are just like me: trying imperfectly to lose some weight and tripping up along the way.


  1. Bina, you have inspired me. I went running yesterday and today :). Ok, not quite running, kind of slow trotting, like Jeff's handicapped dog Cricket.

    Here's what I was doing today - everyone passes me at the 1K track I run on. I make up stories in my head about these people as they pass me.

    Like this one person, with the body of "Eskeleto" and long hair. Don't know if it's a he or a she as it always passes me. I decided, if it's a girl, I'll name her Maria Jose, if it's a boy, I'll name him Jose Maria. I think Maria Jose is a spaz and needs to get lots of energy out and thats why it's running.

    Then there is this middle-aged man with really tan musculur legs running in short shorts. I decided his name is Ricardo, and he is running to get fit for his mistress.

    My favorite, I call him "Happy Pedro Pelon" meaning pedro baldy, he runs like a hyper chihuahua but he is so happy it is conatagious. I think running makes him happy.

    Then there is me... why am I running? 1) Bina motivated me. 2) I soon may face my sisters, whose eyes are worse than a 3D scanner at the airport - in a split second they will see weather I've been eating salads or extra value meals, whether i've been exercising or blarbing out, even if i've been maintaining my eyebrows - which i have not - lost those tweezers again! 3) running does help me deal with the stress of a job-loss, an international move, and the death of a friends baby.

    My back, my knees and my ankles are aching. Scott told me I'm not 20 any more. ARGHHH! I'll show him!

  2. Bina, you are so eloquent. I just love all your stories and everything you write. You're the best!

    Today I wasn't thinking and wore gray stretchie pants to the gym. Well, the gym was super hot and I was super sweating, sweating OVER time! I'm pretty sure I had a big sweaty butt-crack and everyone behind me could see it.


  3. Good work on the 4 lbs! I think I'm just gaining all the weight you are losing...so please keep it on the slow and steady side. ;) p.s. you crack me up. I totally relate with you on feeling awkward while trying to run. It's much easier for awkward guy runners, because they can go out on deserted trails w/o the fear of being ambushed.