Thursday, January 7, 2010

An awkward dance

I just discovered a gravel path about 1/2 mile from my house and it is a perfect course, but now I have to face other walkers, joggers, etc. Don't get me wrong, I like people, I consider myself a very peoply people person, but when I am exercising I go straight into shy/weird mode. Like when I am listening to my music on high and feel like dancing a little bit, I do, for example Celine Dion today made me feel so inspired I had to pause and raise my arms on cue to "It’s all coming back to me Nowww, ooowww." So good! It just wouldn't feel RIGHT to hear the climax of that song and NOT do an over-the-top arm dance. After I feel the moment has been spent with the right enthusiasm, I jump right back into my running pace. Then there is the awkwardness of "dancing" around other people I want to pass. This man ahead of me was doing a steady fast-walk and I knew that I would eventually pass him, but at my pace I would move past him almost in slow motion, "And what if he speeds up just because he is feeling competitive." I blaze ahead so we don't have worry about talking or clearing our throats to break up the weird silence. And then have a new worry, "I know he is staring at my shaky butt, how UNCOMFORTABLE" So in my paranoia, I tighten my glutes and do a stiff trot ahead. Then there are the people who say hello, I'm pretty sure they say hello but it is hard to tell over the music so I offer an incoherent "Herahhum." They usually look at me bewildered and I press on. The most ANOYING runners are the tiny little ladies who run like the wind and I can almost feel the smug confidence piercing my love handles, it’s almost like they pass me and just BARLY look over their shoulder and say, "TAKE THAT." And I stare down in defeat. The more I run the more I will understand the appropriate "dance" steps and etiquette, but until then, look out for the slow, awkward, hand-dancing, girl in pink and black.


  1. i am the SAME way... i do NOT like running with a partner cause I don't like talking or anything like that while I work out.

  2. Your doing awsome! When I start running again, after this baby is born, YOU'LL be one of those tiny skinny girls, but will have compassion over me, right?

  3. Bina,
    It's safer to run where there are people around. A weird hoodie guy could follow you if you are alone.
    WHO CARES what they are thinking.
    Have positive happy thoughtsm, enjoy your music and don't think about them!

  4. Oh suz I dont really think about them, I just think its funny funny!!