Friday, January 8, 2010

The beauty of darkness

My husband had to leave at 6:00 this morning so I couldn't run (and leave my daughter alone in the house, bad idea). So I told my husband in a groggy mutter "I'll do Tae Bo in like a minute, just turn off the lights," He had faith in me and granted my request, I failed him. I woke up around 8:00 am to my daughter singing imaginatively to her Elmo plush and a beanie baby she calls "Baby Bear." What to do now? I am scared to do Tae Bo in a small living room with a little monkey girl running around, I'm clumsy and someone would get hurt, I can't take her in the stroller anymore because she leaps out of it, no matter how fast I am going, (kind of funny but mostly sad). I gathered up all my excuses and reminded myself of how hard I have worked and that I have not missed ONE DAY since I started this blog. I planned on my friend Heidi watching Ally this morning so I could clean the back room still suffocating from Christmas, but I didn't--I decided to use the time to work on clearing the junk in my trunk instead. I knew that running in the daylight would come with new challenges, but I did it anyway, so yahoo for me!! One challenge was the heat. After about 100 yards on the track I had to ditch the black hoodie and run with only the bright pink tank and black pants. I could hear my mom saying "You need to wear a dickey with that." Define Dickey: A detachable insert to provide extra coverage to the front of a low-cut shirt. Mom was right, I really should have worn a dickey with that; I felt so exposed. Plus I didn't know it was Unabomber day at the gravel track, way too many creepy guys with bushy stashes, flannel shirts, oversized glasses, and wondering eyes. Also without my hoodie, I didn't have anything to anchor the tank top over my bulging hips, so I had to run Steve Urkle style and tuck it into my pants which rest about two inches below my bust line, cute. It may not have been pretty but it was worth it, and I think I almost ran three miles. Next time I want to sleep in I will just think of one of those creepy men leering at me and the beauty of running in the dark when most everyone is sleeping.


  1. Man you are brave for doing this! Your blog is so cutie and funny. Now I just need to follow your lead one of these days...

  2. i am very glad you defined dickey as i would have had to google it! i also think your blog is cutie. i think your monkey girl is cutie too. i love that she sings to things and can name stuffed animals now, wow!

  3. bina! i found the BEST sports bra at victoria secrets! go check out that store-- they have lots of busty girl options!

  4. Bina-
    Good job - isn't it harder if you don't do it first thing in the morning?