Friday, January 15, 2010

They honeymoon period

The honeymoon period as defined by Wikipedia: "The honeymoon period is the phase early in a long-term relationship with a person, place or thing that is characterized by greater than typical joy and lesser than typical friction. It is typically the first 3 months when a couple begins to date." Me and exercise have only been dating for two weeks and I am already ready to dump him. Don't worry I am not giving up; I made a commitment, but ugghh. It reminds me of washing dishes. I roll up my sleeves, sometimes even don a bright pink Williams Sonoma apron, feeling extra flirty and domestic; I pile in the dishes, pour over some sweet smelling soap and let the fresh hot water spill over the messy pile. "Some say love, it is a river, that drowns the tender reed," I sing/hum, or maybe some other soft rock favorite as I attack the dishes. I'm feeling good; I've got cheesy music in my head, but then a nose twitch. I need to scratch the stray hair away from my face, so I pull my hand out of the water and the smelly grime is now streaked across my cheek. "Just hang on a little longer," I say to myself, but the half-way point is the worst. The water is cold, there are food floaties trying to attack my pruney fingers and I am forced to dip my arms deeper and deeper into the sink which now feels like swamp goo. With the exercise, I got my cutsie outfit, the IPod shuffle, the good routine, but now the floaties in my head are saying "This is too hard." I am half way through my exercising "dishes"--they say it takes a month to form a habit, I’m on week two-- and right now I do not like the feel of the cold, eerie water. But as with dishes I suck it up, wash em’ up, and get em’ out. You may be wondering why I compare exercise to housework so often, well it is really simple: I HATE THEM BOTH! But they both must be done, and there is never an "end" date to either. Also the housework analogy helps me pinpoint exactly why I am feeling so irritated with this whole process. So I guess I need to wash up my attitude and continue hanging my big butt out to dry every morning at 6:00 a.m.


  1. I think you need Dory's motto from "finding Nemo" "Just keep swimming, Just keep swimming, that's what we do, we just keep swimming!"

    ha! good work Bina!

  2. For handwashing dishes, there are some AWESOME mexican products One of these is called AXIOM, a pasty soap, coupled w/ a spiky mexican sponge and your dishwashing is fun... look for this soap (in sort of a round cream cheese looking container) and a mexican sponge