Thursday, January 14, 2010

The sky is falling

I did not wake up at 6:00 this morning so my daughter and I went on a four mile walk at about 9:00. Normally she puts up a big fight because she doesn't like the stroller but today the stars were in line for me: it was ridiculously windy, like "Auntie Em, Auntie Em" windy. In fact we saw huge sheets of tar that flew off the roof of a building. She was happy to sit in the shelter of the stroller with the canopy fully extended and Pooh Bear swaddled snugly in her lap. We strolled around a strip mall and a "Mr. Miyagi" man complete with white goat-t muttered to her in a southern-mainland Chinese dialect. She looked at him, giggled, and said, "No, not that, that's so silly." With the wind came new jewels from the sky--fresh pecans from the tree in our back yard. We have a lot of fun collecting the nuts in buckets; it is also a great cool-down after a long run. I started eating a LOT of them; they are crispy on the outside and then melt in your mouth, kind of like fried butter (That’s a REAL thing). Cracking pecans is also good therapy, like punching a pillow which plays as a really irritating nemesis. Sometimes I get too into the cracking process and the whole nut splinters into a million pieces, and I all I have to show for it is the short-lived high that I get from destruction. "I am doing so well, snacking on pecans, running every day," then I burst my own bubble: I looked up pecan nutrition facts online. 10 nuts (20 halves) have 20.4 g of fat, and 196 calories. I can no longer pig out on these delectable tree-gifts, so I still crack them, but I am saving the little devils for pies, pies to thwart anyone else's goals to become thin. Next time you are outside, look out for flying pecans and a meticulously baked treat that will make me feel like I am losing weight by making you fatter, enjoy!


    All I can say is I think you are the funniest person I know besides Ryan. Holy smokes you make me laugh! And I'm just the sucker that would eat that pecan pie . . . and love every bite of it until it manifested itself on my thighs the next day. Bina? YOU ROCK!

  2. We had a big pecan tree growing up. I would get frustrated with cracking the shells though. I got excited when they came out in one piece! My dad finally crafted up a pecan nutcracker that was pretty sweet.

  3. It's okay, the fat in nuts is good fat (does that really exist?).

  4. Hi's Kari(Eskelson) from Educator's. Not sure if you remembered my married name. I'm so glad that I found your blog! I think it's great that you are putting your weight loss out there for the world to see. I tried to do that last summer(start a weight loss blog) and then I got pregnant(with #2). I'm going to try and be smarter about it this time around(the getting back in shape part). Anyway, I will be checking your blog from now on.

  5. The pecan pie sounds great!!! I love pecans ... but the do pack a hefty wollop on my stomach!! :-)

  6. Bina,
    You must not have the nut-allergy gene. Any delicious nut, pecans, cashews, walnuts and now even pistachios give me canker sores and sore throats. Ouch!
    I love trees that produce good stuff.