Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Inch by inch

I've heard the saying "Inch by inch, life's a synch, yard by yard, life is hard." It really hits home today because I did the unthinkable: I took my body measurements--hips, waist, bust, upper arm, upper thigh--ouch to the ego. So now I will post my inch loss as well as weight loss, sorry nosey-nosies, I am not giving you my current measurements, only the total inches lost each week. I know I am not giving the whole story, but if I did, you would all cry in your beds out of pity. Results are not coming as fast as I would like, but it's ok: this way is healthy, I am averaging about 2 pounds per week. I have to remember that fad diets and starvation may produce quick results but not lasting results, this must be a LIFE change. I will also add the count-down to my first 5K run, please cheer for me. On a happier note, I did a whole hour of cardio today. I ran to the gym, went on the elliptical (which is getting easier), then ran back home. I can defiantly feel my endurance level increasing. I always feel awkward when I have to run in front of a car at a stop sign. According to High School drivers-ed they are supposed to count to five-apple, but by two-apple they are glaring at me, I want to shout "I'm going as fast as I can, you are warm in your car, and I am out here working my butt, so just wait a couple of seconds!" The furry! Oh and I really need to change the songs on my IPod shuffle. Church music is wonderful, but it just makes me feel awkward hearing it while I run. And some of the punk-rock songs have a beat that is just too fast. It fills me with anxiety and kind of takes over my brain, "Beat fast. Must speed up now. Too slow. Speed, speed. More Speed." As you know, I like to laugh about my fat issues, so I created this silly cartoon, I hope it makes you laugh too.
The sad stool


  1. measuring inches is a great way to track progress. I had a trainer that said you should measure your belly in two places - right at your belly button and also at the smallest section of your stomach. As you loose weight, the smallest part of your stomach moves down lower and lower towards your belly button. - Just an interesting random fact for you. I also need new music on my shuffle - I should go back to Cathy's comment that had her running playlist on it.

  2. A little to the a little to the right Go Bina Go Bina Fight Fight Fight. Gooooooo Bina
    Now here are the reasons I am cheering on Bina
    #1 She makes me laugh…. Sometimes that is quite an accomplishment. I can always laugh when I read her blog…. Don’t you agree….if you don’t then something is WRONG with You! Check out yourself!
    #2 She is the most honest weight loosing person I have ever encountered. No “phoo phoo “here She just lays it on the line and you take it or leave it!
    #3. She is the Simon Cowell of weight loss..doesn’t mix words or feelings…. It is all out there. Says how it is and how it isn’t…. doesn’t dodge the obvious..
    #4 Because of Bina I threw away my Halloween candy I had stashed.. just last week! I joined a gym and am actually going! I joined a belly dancing class! I am working on not hitting fast food so much. I love her pecan pie (none better). I am working on better diet. I’m not being so intimidated by the hot shots at the gym. I just look at them and wonder what Bina would say. Then I forge onward with a grin on my face. “ I Win” I Tell Myself. HA
    #5 She runs… I walk. She jumps hurdles… Not just the wood or plastic or what ever they are made of . But the brain hurdles… The ones she is jumping ever day … Are You Jumping???? She is…. I have never jumped a hurdle. Crawled over.. never jumped..Actually didn’t crawl just walked around. She is committed to a 5k I don’t usually commit to shutting doors or light off (nothing is final with me) let alone a 5K
    This will be continues.

  3. Way to go Bina! yea, measurements are the way to go. Good work! I love the drawing!