Thursday, January 28, 2010

Clearing my head

You may be wondering how I could lose the inches posted above in just a two-day period. Well it may be a measuring anomaly, but I'll take it. I think it could be real, though, because I am running every day and I have a lot to lose. Also I must confess to one thing, or at least, correct something I have posted. I said no sugar drinks or juice, but there is one exception, my other true love: fresh squeezed orange juice. There is nothing like it, it is literally liquid elation to the soul. Having lived in cold climates most of my life, I soak up orange season here like I will never see an orange again. I am a real snob now, don't you dare present me with Tropicana, or even Florida orange, they are NOTHING to my sweet, sweet fresh-squeeze...all things in moderation though. I limit myself to 8oz every morning with breakfast. I know, I know there is sugar in it, and probably lots of it, I am just trying to make BETTER choices. High-fructose concentrate, or fresh from mother-earth liquid oranges? You see my point? Anyway, lately the cravings for sweets and baked goods have been really been messing with my head. "I can just have one cookie, or just a bite, can't I?" But I am afraid one bite turns into two-dozen. So, when I get a craving, I step aside and think to myself, "Am I really hungry?," "Am I feeling lonely, and want some food to fill the void?," "Is that 50+ minutes of sweat this morning worth the cookies?" I have to reason with the blue monster inside of me and let him know that food is to nourish not to numb. I did have one cookie, I decided that one was ok. I ate it, and was satisfied, VICTORY! Let me explain: life is full of goodies, and I cannot avoid them completely--so I am really happy that I was able to eat just ONE cookie. It is all very psychoanalytical, but taking a moment to clear my head, maybe even swing on the hammock helps me to make better food choices.


  1. I'm jealous of your fresh OJ. Did you ever hear about the green veggie smoothies I use to make? They were hard to get down but kept me full and satisfied all day. Cucumbers and carrots actually started tasting sweet to me - so there you can have some sweets

    Good job! I'm not brave enough to tkae my measurements. It was enough for Maryanna to push on my belly and ask if that was her baby sister now growing

  2. Oh boon, that fresh OJ is just to die for, I remember when you gave me some when I was out there. If i were you, i'd be doing the same thing. And honestly it's just like biting into an orange without all that silly fiber in the way...right?