Friday, January 22, 2010

My weight in money

Some of you may be wondering why I wrote to myself in the previous post; well I didn't, I let me techie sister Cathy hack into my blog to place some ads and give me a Dear Flabby question. She is using screen shots of my blog on her website,, to teach people how to make money using ads on their blogs. Speaking of money, let me introduce you to Mr. Moo Cow, and tell you how he became a part of my life. I used to walk a lot, almost every day which sounds great. "So why didn't you lose weight?" Because I was walking to a doughnut shop. I decided that I needed to buy something else after one particular walk, and there he is pictured above. My idea: I would buy this cow, and put any money that I WOULD HAVE spent on doughnuts or fast food into his fat belly to save for a nice reward, like smaller clothes when the time comes. The fact that he is a cow is no coincidence. I know piggy banks are just classic, but I am feeling past the piggy phase in weight, I related to this engorged little cow sitting so lonely on the clearance shelf at Rite Aid. My daughter thought he looked pretty large too she said, "Oh mommy, look at the hippo!" So with the help of the ads, fast-food money donations, and a little from recycling bottles I hope to get something great as a reward for my success.


  1. WAy to go Bina! Your new junk food jar! I should start a jar for diet coke. But then again I'd get too grouchy! I like how there is an add for banana nut muffins and saggy skin reduction. (google takes words from the website to generate relevant ads) good job!