Sunday, January 3, 2010

A Failed Rescue From the Trash

Thank you for all of the well wishes for my birthday. I think this thing is starting to work, I actually felt full earlier than normal after eating just a large portion instead of the 2 XL portions. Hopefully this is a foreshadowing of the change in letters on my clothing tags too. So it is my birthday, the one day when I am ALWAYS right and decide what me and my husband do, but there was a limit to that today unfortunately. I was getting ready to tug the strings of a heavy kitchen garbage bag, when out of the corner of my eye I saw a soft blue color, the blue that only belongs on medical scrubs, A NEW OUTFIT TO RUN IN. My husband had carefully thrown them away and covered them with papers that looked too well placed to be any regular tossed garbage--so he thought he could fool a real junk junkie, HAH! So I made the mistake of exclaiming the joy of my find, "Yay, scrubs, I can run in these, why did you throw them away?" I hear a big sigh of disgust, "No, Bina pleasse can you just keep them in the garbage, they have gum stains and they are gross, I know it’s your birthday but can you please, for me, keep them in the trash?" So I covered them up again with the papers and let them go, and daydreamed of what it would be like to run in FULL, matching scrubs. People would pass by and say "Oh there is another resident just rushing to the hospital, or there is a dental student late for class" Instead of, "Oh man there is that lady...from the looks of her outfit she is homeless, and she is trying think that’s a run." Oh and trust me, someday soon I will post a picture of my red, heart, polka dot outfit so you know what I'm talking about, really, it’s bad. Maybe tomorrow morning I will mix it up a little, and think of those poor lonely scrubs getting cold behind our little house in a garbage can, sorry little guys I tried.


  1. Bina! I love it!! A little blood stains won't hurt anyone!

    I have a hard time parting with clothes too. Pete found some pajama bottoms of mine in the garbage
    Pete:what made you throw them out?
    Cathy: it had holes
    Pete: I know it had holes. It had holes for more than a year .. what finally made you want to throw them out?" ha!

    I can't wait to see the exercise outfit!

  2. Bina - again, you need some exercise clothes. DON'T ruin your favorite blarb clothes by creating bad running memories in them. ya know? blarb clothes are my reward for getting through a hard day.... the kids are going to bed, the house is picked up and i can finally change out of my regular clothes into those lovely soft 12 yr old michigan sweats and this old maroon sweatshirt that julie gave me almost 10 yrs ago. you can not start the day in blarb work out clothes. that is your reward? email me, do i make any sense???

  3. I say wear the heart clothes, they are comfy and if you aren't comfy it's harder to work out. You are one funny girl. I laughed out loud and snot almost flew out of my nose because of it. HAHAHAHAHA!! I love it.