Friday, January 22, 2010

Dear Flabby:

Dear Flabby,

What do you do about 'muffin top'?

I don't eat any muffins, yet why does my backside look like a breakfast delicasy?

Yours truly,

Mommy McMuffin Top


  1. Don't worry - it will start to melt away. Unfortunately when you loose weight normally it comes first from your face, chest and maybe arms - but don't dont worry it will soon shed of the muffin and other unwanted areas.
    For me, on the other hand - I am just developing a new "muffin" these past 2 weeks - You can help inspire me to somehow melt this away next year after this peanut is born. :)

  2. Bina-
    Don't listen to becca, she has always had a flat stomach. You, me, and Cathy, tend to have more of a "friend" body type - i.e. belly.
    The only time I have lost my friend is when I was running 5 miles a day super fast and not eating at night.
    Not worth it at all. Enjoy your friend. Be like the Mexican ladies I see everyday and just let it all hang out!