Monday, January 4, 2010

Technology from the view of a fatty

For this past week I have not listened to any music while working out, so today I decided to take my birthday money from my sweet mother-in-law and buy an iPod shuffle. I feel like it will help give me that extra push while running and distract me from the pain. It is a great little device that looks like a stick of gum and can be toted easily for running use. I thought of songs that make me feel pumped and ready to sweat, one of them being "Hot N Cold" by Katy Perry, then I got this crazy idea...I will make a VIDEO in my heart-polka dot running outfit and do a crazy dance to Hot n' Cold for your viewing pleasure. And I did it. I know I'm crazy, but I don't regret making the video as much as I regret actually going back and watching it, you know how the video camera adds about 50 pounds, yeah it was horrific, but very, very funny. I decided my self-esteem is too fragile right now to post the video on my blog, but I will...when things get better, er, smaller. Every week or so I will dance to the same song and then make a video montage of my progress, it will be MUCH more inspiring and I can then justify showing the first part of the video to all of you, my supporters, and any other person who may come across it. I think of it as a twist on the usual "Before and after" shots, and more motivating for me because not only do I see the sheer size of my hips, but I also see how they sway to the beat. So thanks technology for motivating me, but no thanks for ripping me from the sweet solace of denial. I may buckle and show you just 10 seconds of it just so you can see what I mean, but probably not.


  1. The new ipod shuffles are cute... did you get a pink one just like this? Any other good work-out songs you recommend?

  2. All the Single Ladies! Great workout song...or cleaning the house song!
    Did you get the mini cupcakes? They were made with applesauce instead of oil, if that makes any difference!

  3. I want a list of your workout songs too!!! I am always looking for some upbeat songs to workout to.

  4. What a FUN idea! I love it. I look forward to seeing your video montage. Love ya!

  5. I agree with Heidi ... All the single ladies .. Bina if you post your video, I promise I will post a video of me dancing to All the single Ladies, (me wearing a bathing suit over my workout clothes ... maybe even swim goggles and a swim cap). who wants to be a back-up dancer?

    So here is my latest workout mix .. I call it my teenybopper mix:

    Abba - Dancing Queen
    Taylor Swift - Love Story
    Coldplay - viva la vida
    Beyonce - Single ladies
    Owl City - Fireflies
    Taylor Swift - You belong to me
    Leona Lewis - Bleeding love
    Alicia Keys - No one
    Abba - chiquita
    Taylor swift - fifteen
    Jenny Lewis - barking at the moon (from bolt)
    black eyed peas - where is the love?
    metro station - shake it
    and yes - katy perry - Hot and cold

  6. Thanks, cathy! Austin loves the song single ladies. Except we sing to him "Single babies" and he dances every time.