Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Road-ent Rules

I have changed my goals a little bit on the right side of the page to show where I am at now. I ran to the gym again this morning and I discovered there is an indoor track circling above a basketball court. Not a very long track, but smooth, even, and out of the elements. I whipped one turn around that thing, and I was out of there. It's one thing to have A weird guy leering, but the two entire basketball teams of mid-life crisis, headband wearing jocks watching me bounce around above was almost enough for me to want to quit for the day. But I did not. I went on the elliptical again. I am trying to make peace with the gym, you see. It is weird and awkward, and sometimes I feel like a stupid hamster on a wheel going nowhere-FAST, but because of the gym, I can exercise even when it is pouring rain. I may not always live in such a sunny place as SoCal, so I must face my demons at the gym (mostly the 40-somethings with black, fingerless, weight gloves). And I read in this endurance magazine that it is important to change up the exercise especially when training for a race--safety for the joints. I will try to run outside about 4 out of 6 days, and tough-out the gym the other two. There is one more awkward thing that I have encountered though: seeing people I know. I have seen some of my husband's classmates, among others, heaving under some torture contraption in the weight room, and I know they have seen me. But we don't acknowledge each other. It almost feels like I am walking in on someone doing a #2, then later we both pretend it never happened, ya know, it just doesn't feel right to see people in that state. I know! They should make exercise stalls with little locks that are soundproof, so you can grunt, huff, puff, belch, and sweat without anyone giving it a second thought. Then I could fulfill my dream to run naked! (it's a joke, people). I just have to say thanks for all of your support, it really has helped me stick with it, even when it makes me feel like a dumb, cuddly rodent.


  1. "Walking in on someone doing a #2" you are HILARIOUS!!! I also loved the bit about the black fingerless weight gloves. It's true!!! Those gloves intimidate me way more than the guys in the weight room who are clearly on steroids.

  2. HA!! I was a little rodent this morning on the treadmill! If only there was someone holding a piece of pizza right in front of my nose!

  3. Bina, who are you fooling? You HAVE run naked!