Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The downside of activity (part 1)

There are downsides to becoming more active, I mean as active as I have become. Don't mean to toot my own horn or anything ("Rootie-Toot-ToooT!"). For one thing I have to do laundry more often. My laundry situation is unique. I don't have my own washer-dryer, and I don't go to a public laundro-mat either. We live two doors down from our old apartment that's land ladied by the same person. I convinced her that we were too poor to buy a washer-dryer, so she let me keep the key from the coin-opp room attached to our old apartment. So, more laundry means more uncomfortable looks from the residents of the apartment building. They all know I am poaching their machine time. I tried to pretend that I still lived in the building, but the shopping cart full of ratty clothes gave that secret away, "Here comes Homeless Harriet." The location is too close to drive, and too far to carry my laundry by hand, so I was FORCED to use the Hobo Hotwheals to cart my linens. I have recently lost the shopping cart to an angry man who goes around with his truck decal-entitled, "Shopping-cart Salvager," or some lame name. So now I have to use the stroller that my daughter refuses to sit in. I get some great looks walking down the street with a stroller overflowing with clothes and a toddler skipping NEXT to me. I can only imagine what passersby think. "Is that lady crazy? Does she have an invisible baby in there?" Or, "That poor little girl. Someone should find her a good home." Hey hey, this is not a pity party. I love where I live and the budget adventures, so don't give me any junk about not being grateful and "When my husband was in school we had to walk up and down the mountain forty thousand times," I don't want to hear it. My point is, more sweat means more laundry and more reasons for people to think I am homeless, and frankly, it's cathartic to complain to ya'll about my goals and issues. So please for my sanity, keep reading and tell all your friends, and pray that I don't get hit by drunk drivers next time I pit-out my heart and polka-dot t-shirt.


  1. hahaha oh man, this made me laugh. you are so funny. i miss you so much!! call me soooon!!

  2. Bina-
    I hear ya - our washing machine was broken for 4 MONTHS this summer - we had to take everything to the laundry mat or sometimes a friends house. I was not a happy camper. It broke again this fall, but only for 3 weeks because I wanted to blow something up at that point.
    But, you're in the US can't you find a cheap used washer and dryer on craigslist? your house should have hookups. It may cost less than paying for the machines at your old place. I got a dishwasher on craigslist for $10 - so if you are not picky you can find deals.
    As far as clothes, I've become more MExican. I wear something until it has blobs of food or noticible dirt patches. With workout clothes, they don't have to be new every time - just use them, and hang them up right after so they can air out. I hope I'm not grossing everyone out - but comeon, you wear them for less than an hour!
    Also to cut down on laundry, make Ally take her shirt off when she eats or get a really good bib.
    We had no working washer all summer, and imaginate - with a household of SIX!!!

  3. Bring a load on Sunday... It's a family tradition..... they have all done it... Your Turn!!! What else does the washer and dryer have to do?

  4. When John and I lived in CA at an apt complex we lived upstairs and the washing machines were behind the poolhouse a few buildings away. I use to take the stroller loaded with two baskets of laundry with Johnny toddling behind me. When Josh was born it was very complicated--but I survived and I know I got weird looks too. Thanks Bina--you brought back some funny memories.

  5. Bina, I can't believe this is the first time I've sat down to read your blog. You can tell that my ADD is under control. I am busting up laughing at your blogging--it's amazing. If I may critique one thing, it would be this:

    Harriet is way to sophisticated of a name to be associated with a homeless lady. (not to say that all homeless ladies are unsophisticated) I've put some thought to this, and I'd go with Hobo Bobbi Jo.

    Love you!