Thursday, December 31, 2009

Hello My name is Christina and I'm a Fastfoodaholic

I love McDonalds, yes the one where they don't even cook the meat they just pull it out of a hot drawer, and where they have sugar mixed in with the salt shaker for the fries (so that’s why I feel the urge every day all day to eat McyD's French fries). I hear a lot of people say, "Oh man I feel so sick I just ate a huge Big Mac and fries." They feel like they have a brick in their stomach and I say No no, that is not a grease brick you are feeling, that is LOVE, the love that only comes from indulging in a beautifully factory crafted golden arches meal, ahhh daydreaming... Although Burger King has just taken it too far, they have come up with FUNNEL CAKE STICKS, ugh how COULD you!!? Great, that’s just great, my favorite carnival food accessible from a drive-through window, and you don’t even need a fork to eat it, they have already broken it up into sticks!! Talk about target marketing the morbidly obese.

Another SNL skit illustrates the sheer gall of fast food restaurants in tempting my weak weak self.


  1. Yes! Taco Town!

    In fact, that's precisely what I'm going to make for dinner tonight . . . I wish.

  2. Bina, they really put sugar on their fries!!! no way! I am a lover of the breakfast sausage mcmuffin with cheese, and i hear they squeeze grease on the english muffins.
    I LOVE McDonalds, crazy huh? Some stuff does give me heartburn in my old day, but to me it doesn't get much better than warm fries and a refilable diet coke.
    Keep trying the diet coke, put a sliver of lime in it - I SWEAR you will love it.
    We are creating food addicts in our family - for new years we couldn't go out of town as planned and the kids were thrilled to stroll through the grocery store and pic whatever they wanted... the breakdown
    Scott - frozen buffalo wings
    suz - fondue and sour dough bread
    juju - her OWN bag of BBQ chips
    alexandra - hershey's cookies and cream chocolate
    matilda - her OWN 1 L diet coke.

  3. Suz - I love the idea of letting the kids indulge once in a while. It is hilarious that Tilly chose diet coke. - so how is your stomach this morning after all that QUESO?

    Bina - I love McDonalds, too. Big Mac is my favorite - but it is true that I usually have a bad stomach ache after eating there. Now that I have more kids it is not as tempting to eat out because it is hard to leave a restaurant (even McDonalds) without spending +$20.
    Also - I agree w/ Suz on the Diet Coke thing. I know most diets say that you shouldn't have aspartame if you are trying to loose weight, but a little diet coke w/ lime is a really great sweet treat to go along with your lunch. (Avoid it at dinner time so you can still go to bed and wake up early). My kids think I'm bad for drinking diet coke - Paul told them "I guess we can let her drink it, since it is the only thing bad she does"