Tuesday, December 29, 2009

"Tattoo Goals" and The New Years Curse

You know how getting a tattoo of a significant other is a no no, a bad omen, a sure sign of doom--that's how I feel about new years resolutions, lots of good intentions but very little really happens. This is what I call the "Tattoo goal." I say to myself this is official, this is my goal that will be written in ink forever on the page dated January 1 of my journal to be revered as the first day of the rest of my goal achieving life! yikes. I have so many memories of reading in old journal entries the LONG lists of things that will make NEXT year better, usually it provides a good laugh instead of a reminder of the specific January first when my life changed. I really do want this time to be different, so I am starting this blog on December 29--without being TATTOOED on this January 1st.

I am hopeful for this next year and the years to because you will make the difference weather I start on July 4th or Columbus day. Knowing that I am not alone in this quest to be healthy gives me hope, so thanks! Ive got my new New Balance shoes and they are perfectly white. I hope to make them the most abused, used and tortured running shoes in my life--lets be honest they will be carrying my around at my current weight ahhhh.


  1. Bina - this is awesome and very motivating!

    I really need to throw away all of my leftover Christmas goodies so they will stop tempting me.

  2. I love this sentiment! I was going to 'tattooo' myself this year as well. Maybe i'ii start today too. First things first ... Throw out Lindor truffles!