Thursday, December 31, 2009

Is that an earthquake, or...?

The floor of our new 100-year old house has a crack in the foundation all down the length, and in some places it feels like standing on a very flat triangle, in fact my little girl's bed sits on a tilt--But when you are trying to burn extra calories while watching Billy Blanks Tae Bo Kickboxing DVD, that extra quivering of the house doesn’t help my exercise motivation. "Oh the house is shaking, that’s ok, I'll just keep kicking my tornado legs in the air." Agh. It is kind of nice though to exercise behind closed doors, well lets be honest, and closed curtains, closed blinds--ALL must be closed when someone of my stature wakes up in the wee hours to Kick the air in my underwear ("thanks for the image", sorry, I know). Even though I am all alone and my babygirl is sleeping I find that as I give all my strength to a right roundhouse that makes it about 4 inches from the ground, I look over my shoulder...Did anyone see me do that? No, but I know someone is watching, waiting, plotting, to capture the PERFECT moment when my booty-lite (that’s butt cellulite) shakes at just the right angle. They will zoom in horrifically close, and post my plight on You Tube for all the world to see. Oh the paranoia of getting fit.

But you know what helps? I can get my arms a little tighter, my legs a little more balanced when I imagine I am kicking and punching an image of a well-highlighted skinny head saying "I love exercise, it just feels so great, doesn’t it?" Hi YAAA, take that BIMBO, and as long as she is the target of my cellu-rath, house shake on, shake on.


  1. Look at you go! I think this is a great idea! I am impressed, getting up before your cutie! Keep it up.


  2. Yes, I used to shake our house in Philly (1940's row home) when i was attempting in-home exercise. The jump rope was not a good idea inside. I then had to go outside to the back alley that ran behind the row homes. I would then hear from our nosy neighbors, "I saw you jump roping." They didn't say good job or anything. They just saw me jump roping. ha!! I should have upped the ante by jump roping in my clown wig!

  3. Here I am eating my muddy buddies!!! O.K., you are inspiring me. I think I'll go on a walk this morning!

  4. Okay you have just made me laugh out loud. I needed that. What an honest blog! No fooh fooh here. I loved it. Basic basic... When I first got on I was #54. Now I'm #90. Wow you have quite a following...You go girl!! You brightened my day! Maybe I'll sign up for the gym... maybe and that's final.

  5. This reminds me of when I was playing with the kids in the basement and our whole house was shaking - I was scared and thought the ceiling would cave in. Then I went up and it was Paul doing his pulamextrics (sp?) DVD which includes a lot of jumping squats and stuff. I told him he was not allowed to do that at home anymore.

    Keep up the good work.