Saturday, February 6, 2010

Runnin' and Rainin'

After carb-loading for two days on a whole box of "Caramel Delights," (they will always be Samoas in my head) and five of the peanut butter ones, I decided I needed to kick my butt this morning. I have a confession to make: I did not exercise yesterday--the first day since January 29th. So after the carb-loading and SELF-loathing I gave myself a good Smack! Smack! "Snap out of it," I said to myself, literally, in the mirror. (I talk to myself a lot, don't turn me in to the white-outfit people, they will throw me in a padded room) "You can do this, you can even go farther this time," this part was just talk in my head, still crazy? Even though it was raining, I hopped out the door with my black sweatshirt tugged securely around my face and I just kept "Runin', an, Runin', an Runin'" (Forest Gump). It was actually really nice. A large portion of my run is under a perfectly-pruned canopy of trees. The wind was whisking the raindrops from the leaves onto my face--like I was sticking my head in one of those grocery store veggie misters. When the canopy was far behind, it began to poor big alligator-tear pellets on my face, shoes, everything, but I kept a' goin'. Another life lesson from running: "Sometimes it is going to rain, and rain hard, but you have to keep going or you will never reach your goal." Ahhh, don't cliché's make you feel all cozy inside? I ran almost four miles today, a record! I walked in the door dripping and I told my husband how far I went and he said, "Are you sure you didn't SWIM four miles?" Hardy har har, love a good dumb joke. So should I eat another box of cookies before my next big run? Probably not, but a girl can dream, can't she?


  1. Bina - 4 miles!!! wow! great job. i love the forest gump voice in your head.
    one other TV character that inspires me is Dorie, the short-term-memory-loss fish from nemo. she never knows what she is doing or where she is going, but her motto is, "just keep swimming, just keep swimming...'
    Keep up the good work.
    do you want to do the 5K in provo around 4th of july? by then it will be super easy for you.

  2. Four miles in the pouring rain?! Wow, that's amazing! You are awesome!! You are inspiring to me :)

  3. "Raindrops keep fallin' on my head"
    Great job! Hey, I saw those little green monsters outside Stater Bros last night. I didn't look at them, for fear I would also fall prey. Those Samoas are my weakness too!

  4. You're posts are funny. A little positive self talk can make all the difference in the world to keep on going. Running in misty rain is my favorite. I want to do the 5k with you and Suz. Do you want to be the team captain?