Thursday, February 18, 2010


My daily runs have been exercise. I haven't really considered them "Training." But as I sit here a day and change away from my first weight-loss mile stone, the 5K, I am jittery as a jumping bean. Let's be honest, I am not going to WIN, but something about a REAL race with a REAL number pinned on my shirt seems so scary. I imagine the seasoned runners zooming past me while I do my best to just keep on going. I am trying to meditate and imagine the run, the people passing, the heavy breath in my lungs, my tired body, and a mind that says, "Just keep going, don't worry about them." It's like what some people do who prepare for natural child-birth, it's going to hurt, but it's coming. I don't really have a time goal in mind at this point, my goal is to finish, without stopping, without walking, run the whole way, even if I am dead-last. I have done this before, ten years ago--Cross Country in High School, which was cut short by a very convenient injury. At the course for my first 5K in the cool autumn air of Michigan, I stretched, practiced strides, did high knee-ups in place, and slurped a packet of "Energy" goo that looked like Swamp-Monster snot. Then BAM--the race started, and I started--way too fast. The adrenaline of the moment pushed me to run with the lead group; that lasted about two minutes. I felt fire in my chest, and I couldn't go on, so I stopped, bent over to gulp air into my hungry lungs. Then I walked, then trotted, then walked again, until I felt the energy to jog the rest of the course, which I later found out I cut out an entire .5 miles, woops. So much for energy goo. This time I know I am going to feel the adrenaline of the moment, but I am going to keep a slow, steady pace so I can win in my own way--finish without stopping.


  1. Okay all you followers from USA to Ukraine and all you other nations. This girl has entertained us for the last nearly 8 weeks. Raise your flags and wave them high when she strides past you. Cheer her on and on. She deserves hearing you shout. Go Girl Go Girl We are all behind you! More than 500 followers... No one in this race has that many. Listen...... WE Are All There!!!!

  2. Bina,
    Nothing to be nervous about or afraid of. It will be fun. Just think of it as your regular work out, except there will be lots of other people all with numbers on their shirts. Be sure to take lots of pictures. You'll do great.
    You can do it ben... i know you can...

  3. Good luck-- you'll do awesome. You have all of my respect. Great job making it this far. I know how much self-discipline it takes!

  4. Good luck Bina! Remember to go to the bathroom before hand! YOU CAN DO IT .... I KNOW YOU CAN ... LOOK INTO MY EYES!!