Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Pluck when small

Apologies: my internet has been on and off and I haven't been able to do my daily posts. I know how badly you have needed me, and missed me, so please accept my sincere regrets for withholding this most important piece of your life--my details of of poop, fat, and underwear fit. Moving on...I wrote this last night on Word, now the internet decided to turn here it is

Southern California has received an unusual period of heavy rain; which would be a mere sprinkle in Hometown Michigan, but the varied climates react differently to mother nature—it’s just funny to see how people here run from rain like it is fire. Thankfully we did not have to deal with mud slides or flooding, but something else managed to creep up from the myriad of gopher hills in my front and back yard: weeds--weeds that looked like small trees. They were growing at the speed of a plant aspiring to reach that special cloud where the giant lives. But we don’t need another giant around here, so I thought it was time to start hacking at the eager vegetation. Although, if the ledged holds true, that giant enjoys eating human flesh, so maybe I should have let at least one weed reach the sky and ask the giant if he would kindly gnaw off my saddle bags. Maybe next rainstorm. As I was yanking, hacking, and cutting (with hand clippers and a spoon-like shovel) at the stubborn weeds, I thought, “This would have been much easier had I plucked the little devils while they were small.” Then it dawned on me what the phrase “Letting yourself go,” means. At some point I just let the weight “go” and take over a well manicured lawn—my healthy not-overweight body. So now I feel like I am hacking away at a jungle of blubber and stretch marks with a mere pocket knife. I got myself into this, so I will get myself out—even if it is a millimeter at a time, I will chip away piece by piece. But when another challenge comes my way, which it will, I won’t wait until the problem is so big that addressing it makes me want to run under the covers and hide, which I dream of doing every morning before I exercise. As I slowly pick away the “weeds,” I am learning the life skill of maintenance; keeping things manageable, and plucking problems when small.  (applicable paint-picture coming soon)

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  1. Bina - another beatifully written post. you have a gift sister. even mrs. marting would give you and A on this one.
    i'm a little out of control right now - eating peanut butter eggs around the clock like they were carrots, and avoiding exercise. I'm either all in or out, and it's hard to get over that mental block before starting, even though i feel so much better, happier when I exercise.
    keep up the work bina.
    And, yes, i did miss you :)