Friday, April 9, 2010

Second Chance

Before I begin I must admit to something terrible--I have participated in what I call "Insider blogging." Blog comments are meant to be left out of a person's own free will and not motivated by inside information. But I have compelled some people to leave comments on my blog. You see, sometimes I get scared when there is nothing said. It feels like readers are literally saying "Whoa, um, no comment!" (Smirk, eye roll) So, in the past, I have begged a family member or close friend to write a comment to get the discussion going--or just to have something THERE to help me feel less, um, NAKED. I am not a complete fraud, however, I have only compelled about 5 or so comments, but I thought I should be honest. And here is my commitment to you: I will respond each time there are comments--in the comment section, starting with "Costco Coutor." I have struggled with this because I thought people would think I'm weird for commenting on my own comments. Then I realized that many of you comment to get a response, and I shall give them to you, just check back once in a while. And please COMMENT, I'm begging you!! Even if you don't like me, comment, please--any attention is good attention (hahha, joking). Whew, I feel so much LIGHTER now that I have repented. Oh, one more thing. I know my posts have been scarce as of late, and suddenly I can't stop talking. It is a simple case of writers block--sometimes you have something to say, and sometimes you just don't. I cannot commit to any post quota because forced writing sounds very mechanical and robotic--I want to be as fresh as possible. Thank you for riding on my roller coaster--fun isn't it?

Ok, now for my second chance--I am going to start running again. I took a big hit to the ego when I had to stop a few months ago, but I am proud for continuing to exercise despite my sense of loss--the old me would just give up and say, "I guess I'm just going to be fat now." My knee is finally healed so I thought I would rip it up again and run a 10K. Just kidding, not about the 10K, but about ripping up my knee. This time must be different, SOO, instead of getting quickie cheap shoes at Kohl's --I went to a running store. I told the man (complete with black track suit and a mid-western air of discontent) all about my plight, even brought in my old shoes, and he was extremely helpful. He had a very familiar accent and personality. I asked him if he was from the mid-west, "Yes, I'm from ChiCAAAAAGo." I responded, "Oh I knew it!" jumping a little, "I'm from Detroit." He glared at me with the wonderful attitude that only people "Back east" have--but I think my enthusiasm was disarming. Midwestern and Eastern folks get a bad rap for being gloomy and short-tempered, but I don't think that's fair. I think people east of Kentucky are generally more guarded and it comes across as snobbish--they would call all the bubbles in California "fake." Plus, here we are spoiled with abundant mood-lifting sunshine. I tried about 10 different pairs (running and walking in each--forgot the sports bra, YIKES, after I type I'm gonna go ice the welts on my chin) My little girl was with me of course and she followed right along. She removed her Dora shoes and dug through the sock bin. She chased after me in men's socks, that looked like trampled bunny ears swinging from her feet, and said "Time to race together," each time I tried on a new pair. A half-an-hour into the fitting, I smelled a familiar waft. It was impossible to ignore in the tiny store so I decided just to make it public "Oh you need a diaper change, don't you!?" The man looked away, uncomfortable, and I asked (already knowing the answer,) "Do you have children?" No he did not. But it was better than pretending nothing happened--like the mystery fart at tea which twists the faces of all the gentlefolk. He found me the right pair about two minutes after that, quite luckily for him.

He and the other lady (with butt-length hair painted in gray--she was holding a flyer about a clothing-optional run, hahaha) gave me plenty of good advice. The main thing was: SLOW DOWN. I probably injured myself last time by increasing distance too quickly, going too long, and too fast. No more than a 10% increase in distance per week--a good rule of thumb. So to answer your question, I will probably not be RUNNING the 10K the whole way, it is in June, and I am not going to tear open my limbs to get there, but I want to participate anyway. It is a nice little challenge to put on the horizon. I told him I was running for weight-loss and he said that if I could not talk and run at the same time, I was going too fast. I should be able to do labored speaking or singing while in a good cardio heart range. If I start running and begin to lose my breath, "Stop and walk," he said. Woo hoo, no more beating myself up for stopping and walking!! He said it was important to change things up--create muscle confusion--it keeps the body out of stasis and in fat-burning mode. Which reminds me, I need to dust off that Jillian Michaels DVD. I haven't touched it for a month, she scared me away (sorry Cathy). But I can do it; I must do it. Monday, I will start on Monday and report back.

The shoes took quite a bite out of my spending money, but it's worth it. They have a great return/damage policy and gave me tons of info. Also, I realized I am a 10 1/2, not a 10, and my left foot should be in an 11, HAHA. No wonder I got blisters last time. Life lesson: find out what fits, not what looks like a sexy number (that includes bra size, no matter how scary). The shoes are a brand I have never heard of, "Saucony." Sounds trendy and expensive, don't you think? Aren't I popular now? My plan right now is to continue to walk my 3 miles, but run 3-4 blocks in-between, then I will add a block every other day. "Slow and steady wins the race." I am so happy and feel a new wind of excitement for the journey ahead, YAY!


  1. Good luck with your return to running! I am a fairly newbie runner and have found that when I run every day that I get injured, but every other day works great. Also great job on your weight loss! I'm sure you'll reach your goal in no time. I enjoy your posts quite a bit, you are a very funny writer. You've also inspired me to renew my gym membership-I just had to be reminded that chubbies really can go to the gym too. :o)

  2. Ana,
    Thank you for the well-wises. I am quite fond of you already. You have given me two great comments without even meeting me--I can see already that we will be perfect partners at the Idywilde 10K--you said it first, remember? (See I do read all the comments) And I too am glad they let chubbies in the gym, although I sometimes wish they wouldn't--that way I'd have another lame excuse to spew on my blog.

  3. You'll have to let me know about this shoe store, and how your shoes work out. Meagan H. was telling me about one a while back. But for now, I just "picture" myself running! :)

  4. Those shoes do sound fancy!! I love the ones I've got "Asics" or something??? But I think the spin bikes at the gym are ruining the soles. They aren't as comfy as they used to be. Bummer. And, I've not exercised at all this whole spring break week . . . YIKES! So I'll be back at it Monday as well. High-five through the computer . . .

  5. Great job on getting new shoes!! The 10% rule applies for distance run per day and distance run per week. Don't worry Jillian scares me too, some of the moves make me feel like I'm going to throw up!

  6. Heidi
    Im impressed that you are so motivated, when I had a 9-month baby-bump all I could think of was breezy mumus and slushy drinks. I'll do better next baby, whenever the time comes.

    Asics are nice--good job doing spinning. Spinning hurts my crotch, Im a baby. Dont beat yourself up, its so hard to exercise when the kids are at home.

    What do you mean 10% per day and per week? I don't get it. Its comforting to know that Jillian makes you feel like vomiting.

  7. Bina, don't increase total distance run per workout by more than 10% each week ... So, if you ran a total of 1 mile in one workout, don't increase the distance per workout by more than 10% ... the next week do 1.1 miles. If you ran for a total of 10 miles in the week, don't increase your total mileage by more than 10% the next week, so no more than 11 miles the next week.

  8. Christina,
    I will definitely be there, hopefully to do a 10k but if not for sure the 5k. The most I have ever run without walking is a 5k but I wonder if there is enough time between now and June to work up to a 10k-I'll have to check out your formula again. I'm also trying to coerce my husband to run with me. Actually our version of "running together" is his giving me a high five and saying "see ya!" and then promptly leaving me in the dust, isn't that romantic? :o)

    Did you know Disneyland has a 5k in September? You run through the park and all the characters give you high five. Never done that one but it sounds like fun.

  9. Cathy
    Thanks for clarifying, I'm a little dense--great info.

    My husband's version of running together is a high five from the couch, every morning HA!
    You are way ahead of me girl--I am planning on running about1-2 miles, and power walk the rest. Just give me a loving grin as you pass by.

  10. Ana
    OH and what is the exact date for the disneyland run? How much does it cost? That might be fun.

  11. Hi Christina,
    The Disneyland Run is Saturday September 4th at 7:00am and it is $50.00-yikes I know, and I'm pretty sure the money just lines the trust funds of Walts grandbabies, but greedy business people aside, doesn't it sound fun? Here is the link: I really REALLY want that high five from Mickey Mouse. I hope that link works.

  12. Hi Bina!
    So excited about your new shoes! They can be so motivating! Glad to hear you are easing back into running - just start out slow and take it easy on your knee - also, make sure you are stretching really well after you run. Keep up the good work.

  13. Bina - aren't big running shoes kind of funning looking? but it is more comfortable in a bigger size. i have to go to an 8 1/2

    did you ever check out the hal higdon website?

    i'll post it again just to be annoying :)