Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Mind Trickery

I've been trying to cut back, just a tiny bit, but I do what every other committed food-junkie would do: replace one bad habit with another. Shopping!! Shopping is wondrous because if I over-haul, I can take the junk back the next day. It is not entirely intentional, it just sort of happens--the buy-it-then-return-it cycle. I buy something I believe I MUST have to move forward in life, then I get the "stomach ache," typical buyer's remorse. It's not so big a problem as food and sedentary life-style. If shopping made me gain weight I would be a good-looking, plus-size model (a comfortable size 12): heavy, but nothing outrageous. Unfortunately with food there is no receipt. "Taking it back" is called bulimia.

I've found a couple things that make me feel like I have indulged when I really haven't. The first is Salt N' Vinegar kettle chips. When I crave salt, I can't go to any regular potato chip--the bag would be mostly empty in just 10 minutes time. Instead I eat Salt N' Vinegar Kettle Brand chips. They are so potent that my tongue can only handle about 5 or 6 chips while still fulfilling my salt craving. The next is Ben and Jerry's--so, so naughty (Yes pumpkin queen, I'm talking to you). I am a little bit lactose intolerant, so I can only eat a few bites of ice cream before my body says, "No more." Oh! You must try the 3 oz. container. It comes with a little spoon; perfect for cheating on-the-go. But, as I said in my last post, there are some treats that are simply off-limits. It's just a matter of coming to terms with those limits. What if I had a little burial for all of my naughty treats? That might be funny, but honestly, I'd be grave-robbing within a few hours.

Luckily I have recently discovered a little mind-trick for the shopaholic in me: Craig's List. While it is wildly popular, I just made my first purchase--a whole garbage bag of girl clothes for $15! There were more than 30 items inside, and sorting through them was like Christmas morning. I am going to wash them in hot, hot water, maybe twice. My sister-in-law tells a horrific second-hand story of buying a fur coat that caused a lice epidemic in her dormitory, YIKES.

I need to find a trick for one particular spending obsession: Calico Critters--overpriced little animal figurines with tiny clothes and accessories, way too cute for any self-control. I love toys and having a daughter is the perfect excuse to buy too many of them. I decided to set aside a little money to buy critters for potty training motivation. I've only purchased two little animals, but I've been simply obsessed with them. They are my spending version of the powdered doughnut. When I am kicked out of my apartment and swimming in animal figurines, I'll know that it is time to go on a crash toy diet.


  1. I love calico critters, too. They are so cute! You need to drive out and spend some time at Suz's house - she has an amazing collection - with 3 houses, lots of animals and furniture. Ally would love it (but you might love it more)!

  2. I've never heard of calico critters. Maybe because I avoid shopping whenever I can...(no money) But I am a Craigs list junkie. I love looking for finds on there. Especially the free section!

  3. I LOVE Calico Critters! I haven't seen them since I was a little girl and had a few. Isn't it so tempting to live vicariously through something like that when they can have a home and furniture and decorated rooms when you can't?

  4. Yes, craigs list is my new obsession, and Calico Critters, Ugghh, so cute, SOO expensive. But Melinda, I did get a little beaver dentist--complete with scrubs, chair, tools, bib, little beaver patient--so clearly I AM living vicariously through those little creatures

  5. Bina,

    Come over and lets play calico critters. i have been obsessed w/ them too. My one complaint, they don't hold up well w/ kids. little ones suck off their fur or get them all grimmy, even pulling off their eyeballs. i lvoe them too. i bought a lot in mexico (they manufacture many of them in mexico city) and the rest on craigslist... have you posted a wanted ad? you might be surprised w/ the replys.

    i like catching up on your blog, it's like picking up a good book.

    ok, bina we are a lot alike. try making cleaning a hobby. i swear swear swear it is fun and you will feel so proud when your bathroom is clean and smiling back at you. it is a lifelong project but there is nothing like the feeling of a semi=clean house. you can do it. i swear it is addicting.

  6. Yeah Suz if you see any calico critters you wanna get rid of, send them my way. They are sooo cute. I've tried posting a wanted ad, but I just got spam.

    I am making cleaning a hobby. Its a good lifeskill and helps me feel thin, weird.