Saturday, April 10, 2010

Cloud Three

So, do you like when I respond directly to your comments? Does it make you want to comment more? I hope so; this would be so much more difficult without all of the support. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

When thinking about how to describe my new-shoe experience, the first thing that came to mind was "Cloud Nine." But then I realized, not only is it cliché; to be honest, I don't even know what it means. If something fantastic is cloud nine, what is something that is cloud 1 through 8?  I suppose because humans are historically fascinated with flight and defying gravity, we use expressions of different degrees of weightlessness to describe our experience and mood. When content, you "walk with your head high," when  thrilled you "walk on air," and when ecstatic you "walk on Cloud Nine." I'd say it was much better than simply a high head and better than walking on air, but not quite cloud nine. I was on a perfect Cloud Three.

"You should never have to 'break in' shoes," the man clarified yesterday. "If they don't feel comfortable the moment you begin your run, they are not the right shoes." I really didn't believe him at the time. Never in my life have I been able to simply "Go" without some discomfort--that was different today. It felt like I was bouncing on bubble wrap while keeping the air capsules in-tact (Don't you just love bubble wrap? Even as a grown person I can't pass up an opportunity to stomp on a fresh piece; the sound is just so satisfying) When I finished my run (at half-way point in my 5K walk), my knee did not hurt! My run was about a quarter mile; that’s just perfect for now. The shoes felt like like my feet got a flattering new bra: sensible and supportive.

I am not going to get too excited--I don't want my self-confidence all wrapped up in running--if it continues to work, fantastic, if not, that's ok too. Either way I am committed to staying active.  Taking the man's advice, I talked and sang during my run to make sure my heart-rate was in the zone. The technique also helped me speed up when I began slacking my power-walk. I'm sure I looked a little like the haggard crazies who lament to the oxygen.

Here is my plan to keep things slow and steady: I will run every other day in the middle of my walk, and on the walk-only days I will face Jillian and her 30-Day Shred. Each week I will add about .1 miles--nice and steady. That means by the time I reach my 10K, I will be able to run about 1.3 miles. Perfect!


  1. I like the personal comment responses! ha! I should do that too. I never knew the blogging etiquitte. You forgot "Walking on Sunshine." Shoes make a big difference. Make sure to use them only for working out. Using them for gardening, and just general use wears them out faster.

  2. Cathy,

    I'm glad you like the personal responses Blogging etiquette is so wishy-washy. And yes, running shoes are for working out, nothing else--good tip. Walking on Sunshine just didn't fit, and I've always thought if someone was REALLY to walk on sunshine their feel would be burned off, I need all the feet I can get. Hardy Har Har

  3. Saw you at church yesterday and thought Wow! You look amazing- don't know why I didn't say it at the time??? So I thought I'd let you know your hard work is totally paying off! Keriann

  4. Keriann-Thank you, thank you, suddenly you are my favorite person (hardy har har)