Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Hiatus Rules for Fatty

My internet is broken and I am at the library.  I'd rather be at home in my computer nook, in my underwear.  You think I am being indecent?  You should see what the guy next to me is looking at.  Really people, it's the LIBRARY, have some common courtesy.  Anyway, back to subject-at-hand: being fat.  Last week I had my knee problems, and this week I have an infection. I have a urinary tract infection, there, nosey people.  But really, try running on THAT, ouch. I have been on hiatus from running for about 5 days total.  Not too bad, but during this time I have learned a few things about myself, and I came up with these rules for Hiatus.  I don't know what marathoners do when they are sick, probably still run, but I am not a marathoner, yet, so here are rules for ME. 

1.  Be nice to yourself
I have worked so hard on this goal of running EVERY DAY, so when I had to take a few days off, I really beat myself up over it.  Don't do it.  Humans get sick and need time to heal--it is just part of life.  The negative self-talk will cause you to second guess yourself and forget about the end goal in mind: healthy living.  If it means not looking in the mirror or weighing yourself during hiatus, then fine--anything to keep things positive.  (Don't treat yourself to a rickety hammock ride when you are feeling fat)

2.  Have a timeline
It was important that I tell myself how LONG this hiatus would be--otherwise a day would turn into two, and three, and three months later I would be crying over a pot of lard wondering where it all went wrong.  "Why would you be cooking lard?"  I don't know!  It just seemed like a funny image in my head.  While I was sulking at the doctor on Monday, I told myself, "You will run again on Wednesday, maybe not the whole way, but your butt will be out the door on Wednesday!"  I ran this morning, not very long, but I got my jelly shaking, ok?  

3. Keep your routine
This is definitely one that I need to work on for the future.  If I could do these days over, I would wake at 6:00 a.m. and shower, every day.  This one helps with rule number one.  Also, keeping this schedule makes it easier to hop back into running mode.  Really though, 6:00 for a shower and makeup, who do you think I am, a Stepford wife?   No ma'am!  But just for the sake of keeping things easy, I will keep my routine next time I have an inconvenient hiatus. 

So those are my rules for taking time off during a busy exercise schedule.  I would love your ideas too.  Oh guess what!?  The other day I noticed the fat roll that pops out from under my bra is shrinking!  Yay!  "Why don't you get fitted to find out your real bra size?"  Because I don't want to go to Victoria's Secret and find out I am a 97 Z, OK?  Plus, they don't make bras for anything over DD, I've looked.  There is no shame like walking out of Victoria's Secret empty handed because they don't make bras for Boobs YOUR size.  I cower past the scantily clad, STARVED, lacy, models and mannequins and can almost hear them laughing at me, all crazed from carbo-withdrawal.  However, my bust is shrinking, pretty soon I will fit nicely into something reasonable--maybe that will be the next reward from my Moo-Cow bank--walking past those little brats with a frilly bra of my own, one that fits a REAL woman.  


  1. Hey bina! Good rules for a running Hiatus. It's hard to get back into running after getting sick or having an injury. I would just keep changing it up. Clean really fast! (I sound like mom, "why going running outside, why don't you run around the house with a vaccuum?!")BTW, I'm sending the Jillian DVD today. Keep up the good work! Sorry you got sick. It's NO FUN!!

  2. Keep drinking lots of water even when you are better.

    I think I'll try Cathy's suggestion this week because my house is really messy!

  3. Hope you are feeling all better this week! (And believe me, it's much worse to walk out of Victoria's Secret empty handed because they don't make bras that small!)

  4. you are pretty, come back, i miss your entries.