Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Back in the Saddle

Hiatus is officially over. I am writing this in my computer nook with new, fixed internet. I don't know, it just didn't feel the same--writing posts on word, saving them, and posting them somewhere else. It's like doing target practice with rubber bullets or singing to a wall--it didn't have that same "LIVE" feeling. There is something thrilling about having the power to click and publish. The internet man was at our house for a good 3.5 hours yesterday, and every time he came back from a trip to the van my daughter would say, "Oh there's the man, Is he fixing your house for us?" So I am here to stay. Thanks for missing me some of you; that makes me feel loved. Also, I had to break up with my other boyfriend: his name is running. We weren't good for each other anymore--maybe when I am stronger and smaller we can patch things up and give it another shot, but right now I need to work on "Me." I love a good cliché break-up argument. But really, my knee was all torn up and it was time to move on. A special thanks to Cathy for sending me Jillian Michaels "30 day shred." It arrived in the mail yesterday and I popped it right in the DVD player--My girl thought it would be funny to ride me like a horsey when I attempted push-ups, sit ups, and any other ups that could include a squirrely toddler. It was HARD and I did not finish the whole tape, but there is something comforting about Jillian: she used to be fat, so I trust her and today I am sore, but the good kind of sore--the kind that says "My body is getting stronger." Isn't the picture great? I don't stage these shots, Ali is just super-duper hilarious. But hey, I know how she feels. Nothing mends a broken heart like a fresh loaf of bread.


  1. HAHAHAHAHA! I love the picture. She really is the cutest darned thing!! And, I'm SO glad you are back online, hallelujiah! It's about time. Good luck with Jillian, she's NUTS! But in a good way, like you said. Back to the 3rd graders I go . . .

  2. YAY! you got it!! It's really hard. I had to take breaks the first few times I did it. Wowza! Keep doing it and maybe try running in a few weeks. I was surprised how much it helped my running.

  3. I hope your knee feels better soon!

    P.S...I love bread too!

  4. Yay you're back!!! I love Jillian, I hope you like 30 day shred. WOW Ally is getting SO big! Last time I saw her she was just a baby, she really is a little lady now and she looks just like YOU in this picture!

  5. glad to see you posting...

    hey bina your baby is the cutest. i want to see her!

    SUZ (not scott)