Friday, May 6, 2011

She Shoots, She Scores

I’ve been getting some really great exercise, basketball actually.  It’s my new favorite sport—because I excel at making the 3-pointers and I can play while walking, standing, or my preference, sitting on the couch.  It’s easy, really.  Just grab a few things lying around the house: a garbage can with a wide, circular mouth, a newborn that poops 8-15 times a day, and a collection of soiled diapers ready for throwing.  The fresh ones are great fun because you must be careful not to let any of the goodies fly in mid-air.  The old, hardened ones are good too—they have the bulk and sturdiness to create that nice arc on the way to the basket…swish. Counting the diaper-throwing in one hand and the remote-clicking in the other, I could easily be burning 5-10 calories an hour. 

1 comment:

  1. Great exercise! Soooooo, I was stuck watching infomercials. What do you think of 10 min exercise? It's from the guy that did p90x. I probably would have bought it if I wasn't prego.