Tuesday, July 13, 2010

What to do...

A little thanks to my sisties for giving me the old "Chin up, gal" in the last post--Siblings are great to have around even when they are smaller than you...maybe...ESPECIALLY when they are smaller than you. They can look at the world through clear lenses, whereas I must squint through my blubber goggles (JOKE).

Here is my dilemma: I am AFRAID to EXERCISE. When my heart rate accelerates and my skin drips with sweat I feel like I am hurting my tiny little baby. I have wanted this little miracle for a LONG time, and I want to do everything to make sure I carry to term. I know I know, NOT exercising could hurt the baby MORE, gestational diabetes, preeclampsia, all those great things. SO, where do I go to find a SENSIBle workout routine for my pregnancy? I know ladies who would run MILES until they were about 5 months along--more power to em', but I simply cannot do that. Part of me is making an excuse for myself; we know how much I love a good excuse not to exercise. But MOST of me really is concerned and wants to find something that is effective and safe---any answers?


  1. I'm sure Tiffany will post this but check out momsintofitness.com They have workout dvds for each of the trimesters. Here's another link: http://www.momsintofitness.com/dvds/first-trimester-pregnancy

  2. I think you should ask your doctor. He's got your medical history etc. so I think he would know best. And you are right, that baby is #1 now so you might have to cut back on exercising a bit . . . and live it up!! It's a great excuse that will eventually end. :-)

  3. i would say don't live it up. that only means more weight loss later and it's not worth it. make sure to eat well. i would say that is more important than exercise. pregnant women generally only need around 300 extra calories per day. it's not that much! listening to your body is the most important thing. it will still tell you how much to eat, when you are hungry and when you are satisfied. as for exercise, my doctors have ALWAYS said and i learned in school, that anything you were doing before you got pregnant, is okay to do while pregnant. again, listen to your body. don't start anything new and vigorous. but you will know if your heart rate is too high or you are working too hard. and like alicia said, lindsay brin's pre-natal series is awesome. not hard at all in my opinion. but just enough (especially at the end of each trimester) to get your heart rate going and work your muscles. with every pregnancy, i exercise harder, realizing i don't need to be afraid of working out while pregnant. and with every pregnancy, i've been in better shape. so i'd recommend doing what you've been doing. i do listen to my body though and have often stopped doing things (like p90x) once i got pregnant and also use slightly lighter weights than normal if i'm still doing regular exercise and not pre-natal stuff. good luck!

  4. Bina - keep it SIMPLE!!! Just take a nice and easy walk, everyday. This requires not gear, no huge commitment and it does not put stress on your body. It's not about weightloss now, just about feeling good. I don't believe in pregnancy workout vidoes, or other really gimmicky things. Just walk, nice and easy about 30 minutes for your mental health. Ally would really enjoy the daily strolls. Your heart rate should not get too high when pregnant (i think always under 140) so just take it easy man. Get lots of rest, sleep a little longer when you need to. Just keep up the good work with the junk food. It's a lifelong battle...
    just walk, and walk and walk and walk ANNNNd walk.

  5. in light of Pioneer day coming up ....

    Pioneer children sang as they

    ... walked ...

    .. and walked ...

    ... and walked ..


    You are doing good. At least you are conscious of the struggle. I usually just pound the food and say .. I'll think about it later .. 40 pounds later ... BTW I like the picture of your little rice embryo! Pretty cute!

  6. i can't give you any advice on this, but wouldn't it be funny if when you exercised the baby did a little exercise in your stomach? like a kicking, dancing, boogie baby. haha okay i'll stop now

  7. So excited for your new baby, Christina! And one thing to keep in mind when you are nervous about exercising...(my doc told me this when I was barfing uncontrollably and in the hospital on IVs for fluids in my 1st trimester), women in third world countries with no proper prenatal vitamins/health care/nutrition, deliver healthy babies every day. His point being that it's very very hard for you to do something that will hurt your baby...exercising being the least of them. (ps. am I the girl you ran into in Chic Fil A that you posted about?) haha.