Monday, July 26, 2010

Food Changes

About two months ago I had ALMOST mastered The "Listening" techniques described in the book, "Women, Food, and God." The change was tangible and empowering--I felt great and unstoppable. I had learned to LISTEN to when my body said "STOP EATING JUNK FOOD AND FEED ME SOME FRESH THINGS FROM THE EARTH!!" Then two weeks later, I allowed myself to "bite" a little fast food. One bite, two, still no complaints from my belly, three, four, and a carton of fries and hamburger later I realized my body LIKED what I was eating. "Maybe I', just stressed out, yup, It'll pass," After another five days of eating like a HIPO trapped in McDonalds, I took my monthly pregnancy test (I have kept the folks at First Response in business). One line, not two, I put down the stick and went to tell my mother I was not pregnant. I was disappointed and nonchalantly swayed back to the bathroom where the test laid face-down. I picked it up, turned it over, just to make sure. GASP!! Those little lines on that pee strip suddenly made me feel like the luckiest, happiest, most fortunate person in the world! THRILLING!

I've had the usual issues with pregnancy: moodiness, tiredness, nausea--nothing crazy. People ask me "How are you feeling?" And I respond, "I'm feeling terrible but I'm soooo happy!!" HA! Luckily for me and future baby, I've lost my taste for fast food binges. AND for the FIRST time in my life I cannot stand sweets!! Just the thought of digging into a chocolate mousse cake makes me want to gag. I've wanted salt and protein. BUT I put brown sugar on my tuna sandwich and that was GOOD. I also have a strange aversion to drinking water. I have to choke it down to keep my kidneys healthy (I developed a stone during my first pregnancy). Also, the only food that makes my stomach feel better is Starchy, Whitey, Bready, Bread--bagels, Ritz crackers all the good things that you're never supposed to eat.

Weight gain doesn't worry me too much, I'm just really happy I lost a few pounds BEFORE I became pregnant--I'll know what to do after baby comes, and most importantly I'll know I CAN DO IT. So bring on the bagels and salt meat, however, if someone would like to write a book about managing hunger and cravings during pregnancy, I would happily read it.


  1. Bina, I think you ate a lot of fast food not because of your bad choices, but because of where you were staying! I've been eating little ceasars, and lots and lots of wendys and i'm sure you understand why!

    For drinking water, try to find a place that sells bags of crushed ice. I like to buy the bags at Sonic. Some fast food places sell really good ice. When you put water in a plastic cup with the crushed ice it is actually not too bad.

    I'm getting tired of staying in the rotisserie oven room and will go home in 12 days and counting.

  2. ha! Yes, some places are like "Dinner Impossible" ... go through a fridge with rotten food and you are left with radishes, bread, and gruyere cheese .. what are you going to make? .. eh .. wendy's sounds MUCH better.

    Bina, I have had a hard time with water as well. I believe with Lily, taking a sip of water before noon would make me gag. I just drank chocolate milk. ha! I wasn't as sick with Amelia, but I still had a hard time drinking enough water. What I started doing was getting Cranberry juice or cran-rasberry juice (helps with flushing your kidney's and prevents UTI) and adding a little ice cold water and LOTS of ice. Get the pebble ice like Suz said. Then it will taste really good and will be a little watered down.

  3. crushed ice.... mmmmm

    i have only had little ceasars, wendys, frozen corn dogs and nuggets since i have been you know where.

    i wish there were a chipotle, in and out and chic-fil-a down the street.