Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Since I have committed myself to a life of activism--staying physically active--I have decreased my time in front of good old TV. I average about 4 hours per week these days. But months ago, as a pacifist (that's the opposite of activist, right?) It was much more than that; more hours in front of the TV than I care to admit. OK FINE! Some days were spent entirely in front of the TV--cue shameful head-hang.

More than half of my weekly TV hours are spent watching Dr. Phil and Oprah. Call me a middle-aged woman with emotional problems if you must. Phil has become a little too sensational for my taste, but it takes a lot for Oprah to irritate me. As I was indulging in my laziness today, listening to Laura Bush chat with Oprah, I saw a few ads that got me thinking. First, the lap-band surgery. I realized that I am officially under the healthy weight to consider lap-band surgery--meaning I am too skinny to have lap-band surgery! WOW, I haven't been too skinny for ANYTHING in a long time. I'm mindful that lap-band is a last resort for morbidly obese people, but still, it was a moment. At first I was happy, then I thought, UGH, now I REALLY have to do this the hard way.

Then there came the plus-size bra ad from Playtex. So irritating. I get it, heavy-set women in their bras talk about how freeing it feels to wear big, breathable hosiery. But as a big, busty woman myself, I can tell you from experience--PLAYTEX bras are horrible!! First of all, the bra comes in a BOX, A BOX. They spent so little time at the factory fabricating the misshaped garment that they actually had time to put it in a box. Secondly, and most important, it is NOT supportive. Maybe I got the wrong size, but I decided to pass on the RIGHT sized boob-holder that makes me look like cone-shaped, slouching granny. I think I would rather see a grown man in a whip-cream bikini than watch that ad again.

I exercised today! But it was a sad reminder that from now on I MUST get up at 6:00 am. The SoCal sun is getting too hot to exert my body beyond breakfast time. The hot where I live is not like the beach, it is very dry, and exhausting. I took my daughter up the mountain trail again. Oh, by the way, apparently the things I call mountains are "Hills" around here, but I don't buy it. Those beasts are mountains to this mid-western girl, okay!? I sound cynical and grouchy, but that is just my menstrual migraine talking (you're welcome for sharing, now you can write it in your day-planner to prepare for next month), I am actually very happy today, and very proud to call myself an activist.


  1. hey bean!!! i know what you mean about playtex bras, they make boobs look like pointy cones, and NO ONE wants that.

    i was proud to be an activist today too. all the recumbent bikes at the gym were taken (i have hip issues don't judge readers) so i went on an elliptical and sweat like a pig. Thanks for being so inspirational, the way you keep going helps us all turn off the tv and get off our butts. ;-)

  2. Dang, my long-lost since the IUD Aunt Flow came back too this week, with a vengeance! I hear you on that one, TMI readers, TMI I know but she started it!! Anyhow I agree with Sonia, cone-boobs=bad and true, box-bras=DOUBLE bad Bina! I'm glad you went to VS for yours finally, I've never had the courage to do that!

    I did squats on the treadmill, they are evil so I can only imagine what those mountains are doing to your legs. You go girl!!

  3. Bina! only 4 hours of TV! that's amazing! I don't know if I could do that ... too much GOOD TV. I have stopped grazing TV (turning it on to see what is on ...) but I like my TV treats. ;-) Keep hydrated! Don't get heat exhaustion! ;-)

  4. You really are motivating me to eat healthier. Can you believe I turned down doughnuts at my boys scout meeting this week??? Now that's an improvement!