Saturday, November 20, 2010

Happy Munchies

I went to the doctor last week and I am proud to report that I have gained very little weight.  In fact I am currently the same weight as five months ago (and just because I'm pregnant doesn't mean I am secure about the actual number on the scale, I'm still not telling you).  When I explain my minimal weight-gain, folks sometimes tilt their head and squint, looking in my eyes for some sign of an eating disorder followed by, "I don't know if that's healthy." Let me tell you how "unhealthy" or malnourished I've been: today's food: chicken and WHITE rice, sugary cereal with 2% milk, diet soda, padthai noodles, eggrolls, coconut chicken curry (lunch and dinner), gulps of apple juice, apples dipped in caramel, pumpkin bread, Izze pomegranate soda (the same soda many onlookers mistook for a wine cooler--doesn't look so good with the swollen belly).  So no, clearly I'm not dieting.  Perhaps I am jinxing myself by telling you this and next week I will pack on 20 pounds.  But for now, things are going well and I want to celebrate.  I think my sincere effort to change my habits before I become pregnant made all difference.  I've learned to focus on when I'm FULL, eat things that I want to eat within reason (to avoid the inevitable cheating binge), and gained strength from running and walking (oh yeah, and chasing around the three-year-old zoo monkey).  And really, don't worry that I'm not gaming weight---there are plenty of nutrients for the baby neatly packaged in the sagging bulges which surround my womb.  And I welcome the little thing (GIRL BY THE WAY) to munch on my ample storage.


  1. Yay for girls! I love the picture--reminds me of Bella and Renesme. Lol. Are you going to name her Renesme? :)

  2. You crack me up! I'm so excited for you...and Allie will be such a great big sister. So much fun!

  3. That's exciting. STOP STARVING YOURSELF!! just kidding! ;-) can't wait to see you!